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The Research Loop with Andrei Urse and Stefan Condurachi

We are starting the new year with a new UX Design for Startups meetup and with a subject that is very important for any business and for all UX-ers: research, which helps to understand users, business content and much more! RSVP here to save your front row spot on February 6, starting at 18:30!


About the event

Andrei Urse and Stefan Condurachi (Softvision Cognizant), experienced and know-how UX-ers will show us what they call The Research Loop:


  1. Decisions involving stakeholders:

– Decision making + administrative work

– Defining success in terms of objectives (what we want)

– Selecting the research type and budgeting – Breaking myths


  1. Planning and research implementation:

– Research process by research type: selecting participants, facilitating interviews/usability testing, questionnaires.


  1. Data analysis:

– Data triangulation, data mapping from multiple sources

– Discovering tendencies, trends, new information (insights) from data analysis

– How to avoid including your own biases into data interpretation

– Simplifying data into “pills”/fragments that are easy to understand and explain to the rest of the team & stakeholders


  1. Presenting discoveries:

– Communicating discoveries to the team

– Data driven pitching – data stories -> how to emphasise opportunities

– What’s next? 


About the guests

Andrei thinks that to be a User Experience Designer now, more than ever, means that you have a large responsibility towards people that you design for. Our decisions can influence user experience in totally unexpected ways, which can lead to both wanted or unwanted consequences. He thinks that research is the most powerful and accessible tool that a User Experience Designer has at his disposal to discover and anticipate the real needs of users. 

Stefan Condurachi has varied experiences as a UX Designer, from a company and startup perspective, but also as a freelancer and even a teacher. His approach has at its forefront the understanding of core business through research, in order to better understand the main needs of users (pain points) and to find interaction areas with the business (touchpoints). 


Event agenda

  • 18.30-19.00 – Welcome & registration
  • 19.00-20.30 – The Research Loop with Andrei Urse and Stefan Condurachi
  • 20.30-20.45 – Q&A
  • 20.45-21.30 – Networking

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UX starts with Design Thinking

For the first UX Design for Startups meetup, we challenge you to a hands-on, interactive and intense experience of Design Thinking, to understand the bigger frameworks behind UX. RSVP here to save your front row spot on December 5, starting at 18:30!



Disclaimer! Please join us only if you’re sure you can make it in time and stay until the end of our workshop, as this is how the workshop works. Design Thinking implies some basic rules that we all must follow, otherwise, it wouldn’t be design thinking 🙂


Why UX and Design Thinking?  

Design thinking is an iterative process which seeks to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and identify alternative solutions, which were unseen beforehand. It is a solution-based approach to problem-solving, while being both a framework and a set of tools.

This framework influences the way we do UX, because user experience starts with design thinking. “UX and design thinking seem like two sides of the same coin; the first is the more tactical and build-oriented manifestation, whereas the latter is the more strategic and conceptual manifestation.” (https://interactions.acm.org/archive/view/september-october-2015/design-thinking-and-ux)


What we’ll do

In max. 2 hours, you will learn the process and reshape a digital product with a focus on humans and their needs, through prototyping and testing.

Our guide will be Tudor Juravlea, who is the Design Thinking Society co-founder and an experienced facilitator of design thinking processes for more than 5 years. Tudor applied both User Experience Design and Service Design on real projects in telecom, banking and energy. He also has NGO and startup experience.

Tudor loves tech and creators, but knows that while software isn’t built to last long term, solutions are. Tech can only be disruptive when users are at its center. So the biggest disease for any business is to forget about its clients. Tudor believes that’s also the biggest risk for humanity: to forget what makes us human in the first place – childlike curiosity, creativity and collaboration.

Event agenda

  • 18:30 – 18:45 – Welcome & registration
  • 18:45 – 20:15 – Crash Course into Design Thinking for UX-ers & startuppers
  • 20:15 – 20:45 – Q&A with Tudor
  • 20:45 – 21:30 – Networking



RSVP here to confirm your attendance to UX starts with Design Thinking

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