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#TechHubTuesday Demo Night

TechHub Demo Night isn’t about pitching for funds, it’s an opportunity to show the community what you’re working on, get some feedback, and see what others are toiling away on.

Come along and check out the best tech startups around at our legendary Demo Night – you’ll not want to miss the next big thing!


To book a ticket, please use the ‘book place’ link.

Demoing this April will be,

Erase All Kittens is an innovative web-based platform game, designed from the ground-up to eliminate the fear that girls have of technology, and to inspire girls to code so that they can become creators rather than consumers of technology.

Furriendly is a crowdsourced online portal that allows users to geo-locate and find dog-friendly restaurants, bars and cafes based in London.

MiniDeed is a new social fundraising platform powered by “likes” that lets you effortlessly transform good intentions into donations for good causes.
Simply download the MiniDeed app and set how much you’d like to personally donate for each “like”, from as little as 1p.  Raise awareness by creating posts and associating them with charities you care about.  And support charities through tiny donations by “liking” posts that matter to you.  It’s that simple!
MiniDeed creates an environment where everyone can take small steps individually by meaningfully reacting to content as it fills our lives but together enables massive change.

Shared life experiences is what makes us human. A casual catch-up with friends, a birthday party with the family, a trip with your partner, etc. Life is all about these moments that we live with the people we care about. The need for empowering these social interactions is what triggered Nappsis foundation.

Nappsis is the first geosocial network that captures automatically users’ offline social activity with friends. Users can recall their social experiences, explore what their friends are/have been up to in real time and map out their next social plan.

 MVP completed – to be launched across the board in June 2018.

Sometimes you don’t need hire an expensive agency to tighten up your brand, you just need to get organised. Pilcro is a new smart brand management software for G-Suite. Pilcro will improve your brand clarity, acting as your virtual brand champ. We focus on speed, to get your brand assets into presentations, whichever software you’re using to make your presentations. We’re a family business set up set up in 2017 by 4 siblings with a mission to build smart, open and simple tech.


Ticket fraud and unwanted ticket touting cost the live events industries vast sums of money in lost revenue and damaged reputations. Touts scoop up tickets using bots, and resell them multiple times for huge profits. Piktical provides an independent digital ticketing hub where tickets are secured through automated photo ID checks, using facial recognition on their mobile devices. Our unique solution brings a human touch to the problem of making sure tickets are genuine, affordable and secure. Our aim is to beat the bots, tackle the touts and put event organisers back in control of their tickets.

Scoobie is a global children’s activities discovery and marketplace site. It was created as a collaboration between parents and activity providers who were looking for a better way to connect.  Activity providers can list their events and classes as well as describe their party options and place advertisements like help wanted, franchise availability, or merchandise for sale.  Parents can discover the providers using filters and map searches and leave reviews of their experiences.

Top Deck brings London bus rides to life with unique curated content.

Your driver and conductor are:

Mathew Tucker – Top Deck CEO and Content Provider.  Mathew is a freelance television producer and director. Specialising in arts documentaries, he has worked closely with Melvyn Bragg at the South Bank Show for twenty years as well as all the other UK terrestrial channels.

Elliot CurtisTechnical Manager. Elliot has been designing and developing software professionally for over twenty years. He has designed and produced several mobile apps, both for his own company and for clients large and small.

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#TechHubTuesday Demo Night

TechHubTuesday Demo Night isn’t about pitching for funds, it’s an opportunity to show the community what you’re working on, get some feedback, and see what others are toiling away on.

Come along and check out the best tech startups around at our legendary Demo Night – you’ll not want to miss the next big thing!

If you’d like to showcase your product, apply here to demo.

Confirmed Presenters:

dotmeta is a platform for video professionals, brands & content creators to create and share adaptive videos. On our platform, creators will be able to craft videos that personalize and adapt the content according to the viewer watching. While the viewer gets a more tailored and relevant viewing experience, the creator benefits from better segmentation and targeting, the ability to A/B Test scene changes as well as new ways to maximize their revenue.

informu has created the world’s smallest predictive loss prevention device, integrated with an AI app to keep your belongings safe. This is Tile on steroids — not just telling you where your lost items are, but predicting in advance when you’re about to lose or forget a physical possession. We’ve sold more than 7,000 units of our product to more than 2,000 customers in 60 plus countries, and have generated over $190K in revenue. All in just about 5 months. 

Framafoto helps you hang more happiness in your home. It’s a mobile app for iPhone, and is the easy, most creative way to frame your favorite photos and printable art. Just upload an image, preview it in many frame styles and modern layouts, then Framafoto will print and frame your creation and ship it to you for free. It’s high-quality custom framing, made easy, creative, and affordable.

Rasa is the leading open source conversational AI company for the enterprise. Our open source Rasa Stack consists of machine learning libraries for language understanding (Rasa NLU) and dialogue management (Rasa Core). These are used by thousands of developers worldwide to build intelligent bots and assistants. Additionally, leading companies such as UBS, Helvetia and ERGO trust the Rasa Platform, which provides enterprise-grade features and support for deploying the Rasa Stack in a large organisation.

Introducing Common Connect, the new professional networking app created to connect people based on interest, careers, and proximity. Common Connect is a woman-led mobile technology company based in the Greater New York City Area. Common Connect takes a disruptive and intuitive approach to networking, answering the burning question—WHO are all the people I pass every day? You can bet that all the professionals you would like to associate yourself with are at arm’s length. With Common Connect, we put you in the driver seat and allow you to network with the click of a button by choosing from a catered list of job titles and industries of interest within your current location.

JoyRide is the first-ever game for Uber rides. Users play fun trivia for a chance to win cash prizes. As soon as your Uber arrives, the game begins. Get all the questions right and we pay for the ride!


6:30 pm – Sign in and networking

7:00 pm – Demos start

7:45 pm – Networking, pizza and drinks


Demo Night, TechHubTuesday

TechHub NYC Open Day

Do you work in tech? Tired of working from noisy coffee shops or boring coworking spaces? Want to be surrounded by talented tech entrepreneurs who can support and advise you on your startup journey? Interested in accessing an equity-free growth program?

Come to our free Open Day and find out why TechHub NYC is the right home for you to build and scale your tech business. We’re opening our doors to New York’s startup folk for an exclusive chance to try our membership for free before we launch!

Why should I attend? Work from our space for the day, meet the awesome TechHub team, network with other startup founders and some of the best organisations in NYC’s tech scene. You’ll also get free breakfast!

Where can I work from? You’ll get full access to our open workspace, private offices and conference rooms.

What if I can’t come for the whole day? Not a problem – we’ll have two tour and meet & greet sessions during the day (10 am and 3 pm), so drop in when you can.

Can I bring friends / colleagues / business partners? Of course! Please share the registration link with them so we don’t run out of coffee and bagels!

I have a question! Drop us a line on hellonyc@techhub.com and we’ll help out.


9.30 am – Meet & greet, tour around TechHub NYC

10.00 am – Breakfast & bagels with the TechHub team and fellow attendees

10.30 am – Working from TechHub

3:00 pm – Meet & greet, tour around TechHub NYC for the late comers

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#TechHub Tuesday Demo Night

#TechHubTuesday Demo Night isn’t about pitching for funds, it’s an opportunity for start-ups and entrepreneurs to show the community and an audience of experts what they’re working on, get some feedback, and see what others are toiling away on.

Next months Demo’s are from TechHub Swansea members Gerrit Niezen and Fiona McLaren. Listen out for more info on this session and to be part of the next big thing!

Demo Night, Public Event, Swansea, TechHubTuesday

Get coached by startup expert Eric Ries + free copy of his new book!

TechHub London welcomes back to our stage the one and only Eric Ries, the man behind the movement that transformed how new products are built and launched following the release of his book The Lean Startup.

Eric is with us to launch his new book The Startup Way in the UK, and we’re offering a select number of founders a special and exclusive opportunity to be live-coached on stage by Eric himself as part of TechHub Tuesday (see below). The last time we offered live coaching with Eric we had incredible feedback from both founders coached and those in the audience who found Eric’s insights hugely valuable.

Thanks to our partners at Silicon Valley Bank, your free ticket will also include a free copy of Eric’s new book and we’ll start the event with time for you to meet Eric and have him sign your copy, so arrive early not to miss out.

Event Schedule

5.00pm: Doors open and book signing with Eric Ries

5.30pm: Eric Ries live

6.05pm: Live coaching with Eric Ries hosted by Elizabeth Varley, Founder & CEO TechHub

7.00pm: Networking drinks

If you’re not yet a TechHub member, please join the waiting list and as soon as a ticket is available we’ll send you an email confirmation with your ticket.

If you’re a client of Silicon Valley Bank, or a TechHub member, please enter your code for immediate ticket access.  For the promo code, please email perdie.alder@techhub.com

***For a chance to be selected for live coaching by Eric Ries, please say ‘yes’ to live coaching on the application form and answer the questions. We have limited spaces, and we’ll confirm if you’re selected.***


We subscribe people who register for our events to our newsletter to hear about future events and TechHub news. If you’d like not to be included, please email us at hello@techhub.com and let us know.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person, for any reason. You are responsible for your appropriate behaviour at TechHub events, and this includes enjoying alcohol in moderation only. Anyone behaving inappropriately will be asked to leave.


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#TechHubTuesday Demo Night

TechHub Demo Night isn’t about pitching for funds, it’s an opportunity to show the community what you’re working on, get some feedback, and see what others are toiling away on.

Come along and check out the best tech startups around at our legendary Demo Night – you’ll not want to miss the next big thing!

Introducing this months’ demoers


acasa is the hassle free way to run your home. Set up and manage monthly payments for all your major household bills with the people you live with – directly from your smartphone. Each person can pay their split of the bill straight to the service provider inside the acasa app. acasa also allows you to track and split any shared household cost from rent to Netflix. With the app you can easily visualise who owes what. You are also able to send and receive money from the people you live with inside the app for free.

Calio – Your new personal calendar app. An easier way to organise events with friends. Unlike your everyday calendar, there’s a scheduling tool, friends can vote for the venue, and every event has it’s own chat. Oh, and your friends don’t even need the app to respond!  Our fundamental drive is what we call ‘The Social Paradox’ – That the technology built to bring us closer to the people furthest away, can take us further from the people closest to use….
Previously known as I’m in Diary (as featured on the App Store) and relaunched October 2017.


Datasmoothie is the Medium.com for data. We allow anyone can analyse, visualise and share stories driven by theirs or other people’s data. If you have the tech know-how to write a blog post, you can create a data story with Datasmoothie.


Ixy is an AI mediated messaging app that helps you prevent or resolve conflicts, or just enjoy honest conversations without risk. A genuine *safe place*, Ixy has a re-friending focused invitation, a built-in mediator, features to teach you communication skills, and is not anonymous.


Knowlocker brings all your knowledge together in one place and lets you make the very best use of it.  Upload content directly, or create articles from our Dropbox, Gmail or Skype sync integrations to ensure that all the information your company knows is available in universal search, or in formats such as multimedia dossiers or guided learning.

Available on Facebook Messenger, Lysa is the first AI-powered nutritionist that helps users make better food choices, without following a restrictive diet. The chatbot allows users to log their meals, ask questions about nutrition and what to order in specific restaurants, receive tips and recipes tailored to them, and more.


We love dogs and we’re on a mission to make them and their owners feel amazing for which we have invented technology that will better their complete wellbeing. It’s simple – it’s all about happy dogs and pooch-parents who love them. Everything we create is designed with only one thing in mind: dog wellbeing.

At PoochPlay, we’re quality obsessed and design driven. We’re exceptional craftsmen with unapologetically high standards of ethics. We care. Backed up by expert advice from vets, we use connected, smart technology to improve every dog’s quality of life – and make you a better owner in the process.

PoochPlay is a UK based (angel backed) company behind the revolutionary intelligent dog well-being management app and a Bluetooth enabled activity tracker that delivers valuable benefits to dog owners. 


StrideUp is transforming the housing market. We are breaking the binary nature of home ownership between renting (and owning nothing) vs buying with a (usually very large) mortgage. With us, home buyers can buy the portion of the home they can afford initially and buy more over time.  Using technology and data we broaden access and affordability of home ownership, and help build a fairer financial system that works for everyone.  Built by a passionate team and backed by leading European investors we want to transform one of the largest financial markets in the world.


The service industry is facing massive disruption and only the efficient will survive.
Trail is a simple, smart checklist for service operations. It’s designed to guide teams through their day with repeat processes and automated integrations, delivering actions from finance through to compliance. Helping every site hit the same high standard, and driving profitability with everyday efficiency.
Founded in 2014, Trail moves at breakneck speed to meet customer demand. With product market fit, investment and loyal customers behind us, the team are now completely focused on delivering that single vision: Effortless Operations for Everyone.





Demo Night, TechHubTuesday

#TechHubTuesday x TechDragons Demo Night

Have a startup in the Beta-stage to showcase?

Are you somebody who loves to be in an environment where ideas keep floating?

Then this is the night for you!

Feedback and accountability may just be the single greatest investment you can make in your project. As once said by a co-worker;

“Entrepreneurs with a support group of like-minded people go further in their business faster than those without.”

.#TechHubTuesday Demo Night isn’t about pitching for funds, it’s an opportunity for start-ups and entrepreneurs to show the community and an audience of experts what they’re working on, get some feedback, and see what others are toiling away on. In a first for #TechHub Tuesday, we will be teaming up with TechDragons to showcase the the rising stars of our region!


06:00 PM – Doors Open & Registration

06:15 PM – Demos Begin

07:30 PM – Networking!

Demo’s this month from:

Ben Joackim: Founder and CEO of Disberse

As featured on BBC Radio 4, The FT and HM Treasury….Disberse is a fund management platform that drives the transparent, efficient & effective flow & delivery of development & humanitarian aid. It’s totally transparent and ensures that the funds get to those who need it most, quickly and with total transparency. Their solution is based on blockchain technology and they have recently conducted the world’s first ever international transfer and distribution of aid finance using blockchain technology to southern Africa! How amazing to have a local startup making a real difference on the world stage. Ben will be talking all about the challenges he’s faced in getting his startup to this point and more about the tech behind the product.

Peter Anderson: Founder and CEO of VocalEyes

VocalEyes is an advanced participation and engagement, community decision making and crowd sourcing process for use by any group, business or community. In any type of organisation, VocalEyes can help turn good ideas into action.

OUR VISION: It is our vision that if the best ideas and projects can be replicated throughout similar organisations and communities anywhere in the world, we can create route map to a sustainable future that is easy to comprehend and visualise. In this way, we can inspire people to participate and progress our communities at every level to bright future, full of possibilities.

.#TechHubTuesday takes place on every second Tuesday of the month – keep an eye on our website to hear more on the demo speakers each month!

Come along and check out the best tech startups around by signing up here. After all, you’ll not want to miss the next big thing!

Demo Night, Public Event, TechHubTuesday

#TechHubTuesday Demo Night

TechHub Demo Night isn’t about pitching for funds, it’s an opportunity to show the community what you’re working on, get some feedback, and see what others are toiling away on.

Come along and check out the best tech startups around at our legendary Demo Night – you’ll not want to miss the next big thing!

Jinitto is a new tech startup that aims to make professionals and their clients’ life much easier by building a new platform for service providers and professionals to hook up with their clients and with other people who are looking for their service and helping them instantly through the use of video conferencing, live chat, or instant messaging.

LivingPackets is an ambitious start-up on the mission to make international on-demand deliveries a reality for everyone. LivingPackets are making it more affordable, accessible and safer than ever before. This means that you can send and receive an item within a few hours, anywhere in Europe and without losing track of it until it reaches its destination.
Powered by ground-breaking and environmentally friendly technologies, LivingPackets is making international instant delivery a reality, while eliminating the need for packaging.

talent.io are Europe’s leading selective talent platform connecting the top 6% of software engineers directly to companies. We are disrupting the world of recruitment by allowing companies to apply directly to you in an easy and transparent way through our innovative platform. With offices in Paris, Berlin & London we’re partnered with the most exciting tech start-ups such as BlaBlacar, TransferWise & Babbel. Find out more about us through our blog: medium.com/@talent.io

Unearthed is a free and unique app designed to help people find and discover healthy food places as well as healthy dishes across London and the UK, save money on healthy eating, as well as provide an up to date guide on the best healthy eating options when dining out. Through individual listing of healthy eateries and healthy dishes, for restaurants and other establishments, the app is an ideal to platform enabling them to reach a targeted audience, increase their brand awareness, as well as encourage more people to visit their establishments.

Life is defined by our experiences. We like to have memorable experiences doing what we love, with people who share our passions. But why is it so difficult to find people, outside of (or even within!) your existing friends group, who really share your passions?
Introducing Showcased – the platform that helps you discover, share, and collaborate on your passions, by connecting you to people (outside of your existing network, friends group or geographical location) as well as to Showcased items (media, articles, websites, opportunities) related to your passions. Intrigued? Get started for free on App Store or Play Store.

There are thousands of musical organisations both amateur and professional in the UK looking to promote their concerts whether they are soloists, orchestras, choral groups or other ensembles. There are only a few exclusively classical music websites which deal with UK and international concerts.

Classical Events, an independent concert promotion platform, was launched in November 2014. It has been designed specifically for classical music, although it can be used for jazz or popular music. Promoters enter concerts, using a specialist database, which are then promoted via Twitter and Facebook.

Safe & The City is an empowering GPS app to safely route, share and evaluate your walk to stop sexual harassment in public and create a safer community for everyone. We utilise public data sets including crime, lighting, businesses open as well as crowdsourced information to re-navigate you to where others feel safer. These aggregated insights identify trends, problematic areas and help prevent others from sexual harassment and other antisocial crimes. Join the community to share feedback and put an end to women and girls made to feel disempowered and unsafe while walking.

SkillSkool: Democratising professional coaching. Established in 2017, Skillskool is a sports app that connects players to professionally qualified sports coaches using interactive editing tools via a smartphone at any level required. Skillskool sets out to change the perception that professional coaching is a luxury and there’s both unreliable and limited access to good coaches. Initially targeted at children between the ages of 9-16 SkillSkool allows players to film themselves performing a particular skill or movement and upload their footage for review by an industry expert. Think Gary Neville style punditry at half time of a football match with all the highlights, slow motions and annotations.


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