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November BucharestJS Meetup

BucharestJS is back with a discussion about the latest trends in building Web Apps that scale, and some functional Javascript idioms. RSVP here to save your front row spot on November 27, starting at 18:30!

About the speakers

Daniel Popescu – Computer Scientist, full-stack developer @Adobe for almost 9 years now. He has started working as an ActionScript developer and over the past 9 years, he went through a lot of technologies and frameworks both on the frontend (web and mobile) and backend. Currently, in his day-to-day job, he works with JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React, Redux, GraphQL, NodeJS, Java, Objective-C, and Swift. He likes being involved in the full product flow starting with writing the code, testing it, moving the product through the CI/CD pipeline, deployment, and monitoring. Huge fan of unit tests, end to end tests and automation in general.

James Miles – Engineering Lead @Virtual Gaming Worlds from Australia (yep, where the kangaroos live!). He enjoys being a computer programmer because he gets to work in a team, using both logic and creative brains simultaneously to solve problems and build things. For 15 years he worked on enterprise systems in C# and now he works in a team that builds casino games in JavaScript, Node & Java.

Matt James – Chief Technology officer @Virtual Gaming Worlds from Australia. His passion from an early age has been working with people and software. So his current CTO role combines both passions every day! One of his areas of interest is how Functional Programming has influenced and shaped modern imperative programming such as in the front-end community recently.

Event agenda

  • 18:30 – 19:00 Meet & Greet
  • 19:00 Latest trends in building Web Apps that scale by Daniel Popescu, full-stack developer @Adobe
  • 19:45 Coding In Interviews by James Miles – Engineering Lead @Virtual Gaming Worlds
    Abstract: have you ever had to write code in an interview? Did you crack under the pressure? Is it even a good idea to make people code in such a high-pressure environment? In this session, I’ll aim to address these questions and provide a basic methodology to help guarantee success in your next coding interview!
  • 20:15 Functional Javascript Idioms by Matt James – CTO @Virtual Gaming Worlds
    Abstract: Javascript began as a functional language called Mocha, but was released in Beta under the name LiveScript in Netscape in 1995. Java and Object-Oriented Programming were the big things at the time so they knew it needed to have the word “Java” in it, despite not having been based at all off the Java language. Coming from its functional roots, functions are first-class citizens in Javascript, and other features like “map” and anonymous functions have given rise to a growing community of Javascript developers who are adopting functional idioms in their code. Redux and React really drove this home by having functional concepts at the core of these frameworks. This talk will be on how you can apply functional concepts to your code and design – and get some real benefits out of doing so!
  • 20:45 – 21:15 Networking over 🍕& 🍺


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React Hooks & Context Workshop

JSLeague Community Workshop is back with a workshop for JS enthusiasts! Are you ready?

This event is a non-profit workshop done for the community. The fee is to cover location, breakfast, lunch, snacks, and coffee for the participants. All remaining profits will be used to sustain future community workshops.


1. Functional components and state overview
2. useState
​3. Optimisations (useCallback, useMemo, etc)
4. Custom Hooks
5. Context API (new vs old)
6. Putting it all together


  • Basic ReactJS knowledge
  • Laptop & IDE installed

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Office Hours with Professionals

Need some help to understand more about the marketing experimentation mindset and how to set up a proper marketing funnel depending on the type of the product you are developing? Then apply now for a 1-to-1 mentoring session with Gabriela Bejan, Founder & CEO of Digital Tailors Agency.

About the guest

Gabriela Bejan, CMO with 6+ years of experience in the tech industry, worked with tech accelerators and developed marcom strategies for tech products from various industries. Currently, she’s running Digital Tailors, a product marketing agency helping tech startups and companies grow.

Her work with startups includes things such as: 

  • Product marketing for startups
  • How to scale your business through growth marketing services
  • Talk about the first A/B tests you should run to find out what marketing channels work for you
  • Understand more about the marketing experimentation mindset and how to set up a proper marketing funnel depending on the type of the product you are developing


The Schedule

Our guest will be around on Wednesday, November 20, between 11:00 and 15:00. 

There are 5 slots available (40 minutes each) that you can apply to. After the registration, a selection will be made based on the best compatibility with the mentor, and you will receive a final confirmation of your reservation by email.


We recommend these 3 steps to make the most out of this meeting:

  1. Check out all the details about Gabriela.
  2. Have your elevator pitch ready so you can tell your company’s story in maximum 5 minutes
  3. Prepare to talk about you’re current marketing strategy (if there is one), and how you’re planning to do this job in the future.

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Ixia Connect

Ixia Connect, a new series of tech meetups, is here, and the aim is to discuss all things related to computer networks, testing tools, and cybersecurity. RSVP here to save your front row spot on November 19, starting at 18:30!

For this first meetup, you’re invited to discuss changes in the security landscape and how technology has transformed the way we think about privacy. Curious to learn more? Grab your ticket now, and let’s connect! 🎫

Event agenda

  • 18:30 – 19:00 Registration 🛎️
  • 19:00 – 19:30 Revisiting “Smashing the stack”: A GDB story – by Cristian Bidea (Software Engineer)

A look at what changed in the security landscape from when the seminal paper was published, through the lens of a timeless tool: The GNU Debugger!

  • 19:30 – 20:00 Consensual Surveillance: GPS/GSM monitoring watch – by Mircea Hasegan (Software Engineer)

Regardless of the species, parents need to take care of their young ones, make sure they are not exposed to high-risk situations, and can always cry for help. It is the basic need for safety. Traditionally this was achieved by imposing restrictions on the playground area, having an adult or bigger brother around, and being in the reach in case of danger. New devices have come along, offering attractive features for keeping children safe: cellular phones with parental control features, tracking devices, and wristwatches with GPS tracking and phone functionality.

  • 20:00 – 21:00 Q&A, networking, pizza & beer 🍕 🍺


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Py@Codette 4.1

Do you want to learn about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning but don’t know where to start? Py@Codette 4.1 is an introductory workshop full of interactive teaching and fun challenges! RSVP now and join them on November 16, for the 2nd edition of the workshop where the focus will be on understanding algorithms and the thinking behind. 

About the event

You will not deal with Py @ Codette v4 to learn Python, but you will use it for the practical part of the workshop. So, participants need to have had previous tangents with the area of Computer Science and, ideally, have written code in Python before or (if not), be able to learn the “syntax” of a new programming language. Hurry up, registrations are open until November 9, 5 pm! 

This event will be held in Romanian, and you can find more details on their Facebook event.


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Anniversary edition – 7 years of TdT Bucuresti!!!

Tabara de Testare Bucuresti is celebrating 7 years since their first meetup! RSVP here and let’s celebrate together on Thursday, November 14, starting at 6:30 PM!

Event agenda

  • 18:30 – 19:00 Participants’ arrival
  • 19:00 – 19:30 Do an overview of what we did this year + cake – by TdT Organizers
  • 19:30 – 20:30 Organize a debate around a testing subject


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Introduction to Design Thinking

The time for the 3rd Tech Startup School meetup has come, and this time is about Design Thinking. RSVP here to save your front row spot on November 13, starting at 18:30!

About the event

Design thinking is an iterative process which seeks to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and identify alternative solutions, which were unseen beforehand. It is a solution-based approach to problem-solving while being both a framework and a set of tools.

So, for the 3rd Tech Startup School meetup, our friends prepared a crash course in Design Thinking. In max. 2 hours, you will learn the process and reshape a product or experience with a focus on humans and their needs, through prototyping and testing.

Your guide will be Tudor Juravlea, who is the Design Thinking Society co-founder and an experienced facilitator of design thinking processes for more than 5 years. Tudor applied both User Experience Design and Service Design on real projects in telecom, banking, and energy. He also has NGO and startup experience.

Tudor loves tech and creators but knows that while the software isn’t built to last long term, solutions are. Tech can only be disruptive when users are at its center. So the biggest disease for any business is to forget about its clients. Tudor believes that’s also the biggest risk for humanity: to forget what makes us human in the first place – childlike curiosity, creativity, and collaboration.

Dragos Nicolaescu, along with his co-hosts Alice Teodorescu & Andrei Tudose, welcome you on November 13th, to a new evening of learning, fun, and networking.

Don’t forget to book your place in advance!

Event agenda

  • 18:30 – 19:00 – Welcome & registration
  • 19:00-20:30 – Introduction to Design Thinking (Tudor Juravlea)
  • 20:30-21:30 –Networking


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November meetup: analytics for mobile gaming

If you ever wondered how the processing and analytics architecture for +80000 mobile games looks like – we have an answer for you! RSVP here and join the Big Data Community on November 7, when Ioana Hreninciuc, CEO of GameAnalytics, will present how they built such an architecture with a handful of engineers. The architecture includes Druid Imply, Kinesis, EMR Spark, and also Big Query.

Event agenda

  • 6:30 PM – gathering
  • 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Analytics for 1 billion players per month, Ioana Hreninciuc @ GameAnalytics

“How we built an entirely new backend to do ad-hoc analytics for +80,000 mobile game studios, aanalyzing+1 billion players per month, with super high-cost efficiency and just a handful of developers.”
Ioana Hreninciuc, the CEO of GameAnalytics, will go into details about the company’s backend systems, cloud infrastructure, and approach to data processing, to showcase how even small engineering teams can build high performance, large scale systems.

  • 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM Pizza and drinks



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Open Banking Meetup #4

PSD2 brings some opportunities but also some threats in the financial industry, and our friends from FintechCamp decided to have discussions on this topic with their community. RSVP here to join their 4th meetup where Cătălin Crețu (Visa) and Mihai Brătășanu (FintechOS) will dive in the issue, in a discussion moderated by Cosmin Cosma (FINQ).

About the speakers

Cătălin is a seasoned professional with close to 20 years of experience in the banking and financial industry space. For the past 15 years, he has been involved with VISA Europe, currently serving as General Manager for Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, & Malta.
Mihai has been involved with several companies in financial industry space, including Banca Transilvania, Nextebank, and Deutsche Bank. Currently, he is a Product Owner at FintechOS, shaping digital journeys for banking & wealth management.


  • 6.30 PM: Registration
  • 7.00 PM: Welcome note by Fintech Camp
  • 7.10 PM: Panel talk
  • 8.00 PM: Q&A
  • 8.30 PM: Wrap-up & Networking


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Note: the event will be held in Romanian

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ML on Spark workshop

The Big Data community is coming back in November with a new workshop on Machine Learning – this time with how to build a model using Spark ML logistic regression and gradient boosting. RSVP here to save your front row spot on November 5, starting at 14:00!


About the workshop

Come join us for an afternoon in which we will explore Apache Spark’s Machine Learning capabilities. We’ll be looking at using Spark to build a Credit Scoring model which estimates the probability of default for current and existing customers.


1. Intro, problem description and setup
2. Loading data
3. Exploratory data analysis
4. Feature engineering
5. Building our first model
6. Testing and validation
7. Improving the model with cross-validation and hyper-parameter tuning
8. Deployment
9. Considerations for running in production



Bring your laptop! Beyond that, the only requirement is a web browser. We will be using a managed Spark platform, called Azure Databricks, for the lab. We will provide access to Azure Databricks and everything else you need.

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