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The Agile Digital & ICT Resources Agreement (ADIRA) is a framework awarded by the National Procurement Service for Wales (NPS) aimed at providing the Welsh public sector with a fast, compliant and cost-effective route to access the skills and expertise required to support the delivery of digital and ICT initiatives.

ADIRA will use standardised Statements of Work to clearly define work packages which will allow for prompt payment based on either time and materials or delivery of outcomes. Whilst there is currently no definitive list of services, an initial catalogue of 17 service types has been defined (https://bloom.services/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/20180920_ADIRA_Category_List_FINAL.pdf) and will evolve over time, based on Customer requirements. Each individual requirement delivered through ADIRA will be valued at less than £500,000, with a duration of no longer than 12 months.

Bloom Procurement Services have recently been appointed as a vendor neutral supply partner and will be delivering the contract in partnership with Welsh-based company Atebion Solutions.

A number of Events have been arranged for any Suppliers interested in joining the ADIRA resource pool and all Welsh Public Sector Bodies interested in purchasing services via the ADIRA framework to understand how the software works as well as the requirements of the framework.

In addition to Bloom Procurement Services and Atebion SolutionsBusiness Wales will also be present at the event to demonstrate the help they can provide to Suppliers wishing to access the framework.

Please note that this is a free event, but places are limited to 2 members per organisation. The plan for the session is as follows:

08:30 – Registration & Refreshments

09:00 – ADIRA Overview

09:40 – ADIRA Demonstration

10:10 – Business Wales Support

10:25 – Questions and Answers

10:50 – Networking and Business Wales breakout sessions

11:45 – Close

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