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September BUcharestJS Meetup

BucharestJS is meeting for a talk about NodeJS & Typescript, and to do a live coding session of building a front-end app on top of a blockchain. RSVP here to save your front row spot on September 25, starting at 18:30!


Event agenda

  • 18:30 – 19:00 Registration
  • 19:00 – 19:30 A Modern NodeJS framework written in Typescript by Ionel Cristian Lupu, full-stack web developer and DevOps Engineer having a passion for coding projects from scratch

Ionel will be presenting a modern web framework built for Node.js, written in Typescript, that allows you to build fully-featured web applications. The framework is best suited for small-sized to enterprise-level apps. Most of the core packages it uses were built from scratch in order to preserve the performance of the framework. This was done to ensure that all the features you are using benefit from the latest language features. This framework’s source code is built around the developer’s expectations: it is modern, clean and beautiful. Also, the tools it’s providing are everything a developer needs to build his next awesome project.

  • 19:30 – 20:30 Live coding demonstration by Dragoș Rautu – CTO at Modex, experienced in FinTech and Blockchain solutions, with an extensive background as an architect and full-stack developer

The demo shows how easy it is to build a financial business flow by creating a simple front-end app on top of a blockchain database, without having to write any complex logic to enable the blockchain capabilities.
We will use Vue.js to create the front-end and, as back-end, we will use a GraphQL API provided out-of-the-box by Modex Blockchain Database (Modex BCDB)

  • 20:30 – 21:00 Networking



RSVP here to confirm your attendance to September BUcharestJS Meetup

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Security Espresso 0x1d

This month Security Espresso has a special event format: a live coding session! RSVP here to save your front row spot on July 25, starting at 18:30!


About the event

Security Espresso is organizing a joint event, alongside the Bucharest Functional Programming community. Don’t miss out on this one because it’s got a little treat for everyone: for the coders, the pentesters, the imperative folks, the functional crew, the nay-sayers and the enthusiasts alike!

They will be implementing a basic HTTP server in order to showcase common security issues and how to overcome them in an FP fashion. The presentation will mostly be live coding. The audience will be able to pentest the server, and we will look into fixing the problems.

Some familiarity with the Haskell syntax is assumed. It would also be helpful to skim through the conduit tutorial.


Event agenda

  • 18:30 – 19:00 Registration
  • 19:00 – 19:45 Vladimir Ciobanu – Breaking and putting it back together: a simple HTTP server in Haskell, part 1 
  • 19:45 – 20:00 Break
  • 20:00 20:45 Ciobanu – Breaking and putting it back together: a simple HTTP server in Haskell, part 2
  • 20:45 – 21:30 Networking

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