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Founders Meeting – Horizon 2020 & 5G Technology

For all tech founders out there: join us for a conversation about technological advancement in 5G Technology, the opportunities that arise for new product development, and Orange’s experience of working in Horizon 2020 research projects alongside startups. APPLY here to join other founders for this invite-only online event on October 5, starting at 19:00!


About the event

Learn more about Orange’s 5G commercial rollout in Romania, the opportunities open for startups like the 5G Online Challenge, as well as Orange’s involvement in Horizon 2020 research projects that also include startup partners. 


Cristian Pațachia is Development & Innovation Manager at Orange Romania. Manager with more than 20 years’ experience in the telecom industry, with expertise in a broad range of technologies, product development, and innovation management. At the moment he is the Development and Innovation team manager in the Engineering department, coordinating multiple research projects in various fields such as 5G & networks of the future, cybersecurity, smart cities, APIs exposure and monetizing, cloud technologies & IoT/M2M.

Marius Iordache is 5G Technical Manager at Orange Romania. With over 13 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry, Marius is currently leading the technical implementation of Orange’s 5G network in Romania. He is CCIE certified and has vast experience in planning, designing, and creating architectures for complex fix and mobile networks, in multi-vendor environments. He contributes to multiple technical research projects in the Horizon 2020, 5G-PPP framework.



Some basic rules to follow during the call

✍️ Post your questions in the chat and the moderator will pass them on to the guest

🔇 Use the mute button at your site to prevent transmitting background noise

👉 Do not multi-task (do other work) during the meeting

🤫 Find a quiet space to participate

📣 Speak up to get attention if you (really) have something to say

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