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Office Hours w/ Ovidiu Mihaila, Funding advisor at Bitdefender

Are you looking for European funding for your startup? Apply now for a 1-to-1 free feedback session with Ovidiu Mihaila, Funding advisor at Bitdefender.


About the guest

Ovidiu is the Funding advisor at Bitdefender, entrepreneur and tech-innovation passionate, with 12+ years of experience in working with tech companies and entrepreneurs across Europe, aiming to accelerate their business growth and societal impact, using innovation funding.



About the office hours

Ovidiu is an experienced funding advisor and he will be able to help you with:

  • Equity-free funding → Do I need it? Is this the right moment to consider it as alternative funding? Is my business eligible? Do I need a strategy for this?
  • EU funding for innovation and start-ups → What types of funding are available? How difficult is it to apply? What requirements I must fulfill? How long does it take? What’s next after submitting an application?
  • Project proposal → How to prepare it? What should be the strengths of my proposal? What are the evaluators looking for?
  • Commercialization → How to push the innovation to the market? What channels are suitable? I am protecting my IP rights? Accelerating and scale-up of my business
  • Project Management → How to do it? How to comply with the Funding Authority’s regulations? Respecting budget and deadlines. Deliverables preparation.


Applications are opened by May 12 at 15:00.

After the registration, a selection will be made based on the best compatibility with the guest and you will receive a final confirmation of your reservation 1 day before the event with the logistical details of how to join the Zoom call.

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