Our programme is designed to support you in addressing challenges at different points of your startup’s evolution.

Eligibility: our programme supports member startups from diverse sectors and at different stages of development (early, growth and scale-up).

Frequency: we host over 200 events a year at each TechHub location – weekly members-only events as well as montly public events.

Content: we create regular opportunities for you to engage with the topics most relevant to your startup’s development. Since no two startup communities are alike, the programming at each TechHub location is tailored to the specific needs of its members.

Expertise: we help you source the right knowledge, advice and opportunities from peers and experts both within and outside the TechHub community.

Read on to learn about the type of support we provide.

Key Support Areas


Navigate the investment landscape, understand different funding options, build relationships and engage relevant investors to succesfully raise external capital.


Find, attract and retain quality hires, build great teams, navigate conflict, manage performance and build a powerful culture that reinforces your values and contributes to your success.


Gather product feedback from experienced peers, share and sharpen your team’s knowledge of frameworks and best practices in design, product management, development, and more.


Grow and leverage your network of peers, specialists, potential customers, investors, partners and collaborators to make your journey less lonely and your business more successful.


Define your brand, fine-tune your pitch, generate media coverage, master growth hacking and marketing, and get your business in front of those who need to know about it.


Whatever your commercial model, build traction, grow and improve your sales funnel, and engage with potential customers partners and trade bodies to ramp up your revenue.


From finding a co-founder and honing your soft skills, to building and strategically growing your business, tap into a support network of experienced founders and thought leaders.

And more!

Whether you’re looking for legal or accounting expertise, insights on entering new markets, or something else entirely, our Programme Managers are here to support you.

View your local programme calendar to see what’s on at your nearest TechHub location:

If you’d like to participate in the programme as a speaker or attendee, get in touch with your local Programme Manager by visiting the Contact Us page.

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