The best way to understand how we support our members is to learn from their own experience within TechHub.

Read our member feedback below to find out how we’ve helped them in their entrepreneurial pursuits, and the ways in which we could support you.

Sense of Community

“Having a membership here is so important to the success of our business. Sharing with other founders means we get shortcuts to solve common problems, access to the mentors has been invaluable and the sense of community makes those hard days as a founder much easier.”

– Laura Willoughby MBE, Co-Founder of Club Soda

Exposure & Traction

“From getting us featured in international newspapers, to constantly shouting about us on their social media channels, TechHub have generated us a humongous amount of airtime through their unique global network.

It’s been a completely unexpected – and wonderful – form of support, which allowed us to rapidly grow our team.”

– Patrick Stobbs, COO of Jukedeck

Support to Grow & Scale

“Techhub understands what’s important for startups: flexible workspace, industry/VC introductions, events, demo days for your product and a community of like minded people.

We started with one desk and now we have our own space for our growing team. It’s a great place to be.”

– Ed Maslaveckas, Co-Founder & CEO of Bud

Programme & Global Network

“One of the many benefits of joining TechHub is their support programme. Covering every entrepreneurial area relevant to both seasoned entrepreneurs and first-timers, the events give you an easy access to top-notch experts and great networking opportunities.

TechHub’s global network is one of the most appealing perks for a startup, as having a global business outlook from the start is a must. If you are considering testing a new market, chances are that the best option is to land in one of the multiple locations TechHub has around the globe and leverage the knowledge of its community from the start.”

– Jose Brey, CEO of Arivanza

Connections, Mentorship, Feedback

“The staff and community at TechHub have given us the extra boost to turn our idea into a finalized product that’s ready to be launched in the market. Through your community, we have established an indispensable network of startup founders, investors, mentors and partners that have been instrumental to the success of our journey so far.

During our time at TechHub we found a strategic partner and a board adviser (both of are a fellow TechHub members), raised £50k from investors we’ve met at TechHub events, found a UX/UI designer to work on our app, and met a strong group of tech savvy people in the TechHub community that gave solid feedback on our beta testing.”

– Mike Charalambous, Co-Founder & CEO of Frenzi

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