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TechHub wants to help change the lack of diversity in the tech industry with free membership grants.


TechHub Accelerate membership grants

We know that access and privilege creates imbalance in the tech industry, and whatever your gender, skin colour, sexual orientation, physical impairment or disability, you deserve the same opportunities to be part of the tech community and grow your business. We’re working specifically to promote and engage with diverse entrepreneurs, and we want to open up access to the support that TechHub offers.

TechHub believes that the tech industry needs more diverse people like you. To work towards a more inclusive industry, with the support of our partners we are offering a number of TechHub Accelerate membership grants. This gives you a free TechHub Flex membership for a year, plus business growth support.

This is not a full-time programme. You can use our workspace to drop in and work up to 20 hours a week or have meetings, or visit for connections, mentoring sessions and events. You're still eligible if you're part of other accelerator programmes.

We want to find some amazing founders developing exciting products, and forge relationships between innovators working to change the world through technology. After that first year, we hope you’ll stay at TechHub to keep growing your business, and help support others who can learn from your experiences. We envision an inclusive future where every tech entrepreneur has the resources and network to thrive. 

Benefits of TechHub membership

With this free TechHub membership you’ll be able to:

Benefits of Accelerate membership

In addition to the usual TechHub Flex membership benefits listed, TechHub Accelerate members will also receive:

  • Mentoring sessions with TechHub’s founder & other mentors
  • Promotion of your product on the TechHub blog and social media
  • A guaranteed on-stage slot at a TechHubTuesday Demo Night
  • Promotion and publicity about you, your company and product
  • Meeting room credits for private meetings at TechHub 
  • If relevant, meetings with investors, especially those focused on diverse founders

Role models & publicity

TechHub believes that we should be shouting about our inclusion initiatives to make it clear to people in underrepresented groups that there is space for you here and to inspire others in the industry to direct action.

We want to amplify your voice as one of our chosen TechHub Accelerate entrepreneurs and share your stories, promote your company and products. We’d love to give you space on our website and social media to talk about your experiences, invite you to write blog posts to be a role model to others and to help us create a public exchange. We know that visibility matters (a recent study on black women role models in science, technology, engineering and maths demonstrates that yet again). If you don’t wish to be a part of this public exchange, let us know, we don’t want that to stop you from applying.

Diverse people

TechHub is focusing on including and supporting more people from the diverse groups listed below. If you’d like to be considered for this programme for another reason, you can select “other” and give us some details about why.

You may select only one or as many areas of marginalisation you are currently facing – whatever feels most comfortable for you. None of this information will be shared outside of the TechHub Team without your permission.

  • People of colour
  • LGBTQIA+ people
  • All women, including cis women and trans women
  • Trans people, including genderfluid, non-binary, and those without gender
  • Disabled people, those with impairments, visually impaired and blind people, those with chronic illnesses and invisible disabilities
  • Refugees, people seeking asylum, and forced migrants
  • D/deaf people
  • Veterans
  • Other (please tell us more)

Why TechHub?

TechHub is exclusively for product tech companies. Our approach to supporting startups is different.

  • We don’t take equity, impose metrics or membership time limits. 
  • We work with a curated community of only tech product startups and scale-ups by understanding the process you go through and the needs you have at each stage. 
  • Our support programme helps startups across all stages of development and includes weekly investor sessions, corporate engagement opportunities, workshops, as well as one-to-one support from experts on specific challenges (like legal, finance, product market fit). There’s no set program to complete, you dip in and out when it’s right for you - when you want to get your head down and work, you can do that too.

Our workspace is flexible to expand and contract as your company does, so as a TechHub member you only ever pay for the level of space you need right now. Find out more about TechHub’s central London office space from 1 to 5-person fixed desks, through to 40-person private office space by emailing

How to apply

  • Fill in your details in our brief form and submit by Saturday 31 August Sunday 8 September 2019 - we've had so many last-minute applications that we've extended one more week, so be quick! We’ll be in touch to let you know if you’ve been included on our shortlist, and we’ll arrange some time to have a chat.
  • If you have any questions, or want to discuss your support needs in being able to take up a TechHub membership, please get in touch with Elizabeth Varley our founder via for a chat.
  • If you’d like to book on a tour to come and check out TechHub, you’re welcome to drop us a note via or email Jenny Judova to book via
  • If you’d like to find out more about our programme you can visit or attend our events

Our supportive partners

A massive thank you to our partners who support the TechHub Accelerate membership grants programme: Google for Startups, Silicon Valley Bank, Davis Grant, & WSGR. Our partners want to help make the tech industry a more inclusive place, with more diverse people and perspectives and are helping TechHub take direct action through these membership grants.

Can you support diverse founders through TechHub Accelerate?

Please join us to include more founders. We’re offering the opportunity to companies, small or large, plus VCs, angels and other founders to get involved in supporting underrepresented people in the tech industry. Take specific action and fund additional grants for TechHub Accelerate membership. We’ll be happy to keep your support private if you wish, or shout our thanks. We’re accepting additional partners now for the next cohort later this year.

Interested? Drop TechHub founder Elizabeth Varley a line at

Images & content support

Thank you very much to Momo Monroe, activist and researcher for their time and expertise in reviewing our content and application form.

A huge thank you to UKBlackTech for use of some of their photos. To see their great #FacesLikeMe campaign and to use their stock photos of people of colour in tech visit

Big thanks also to #WOCinTechChat for use of some of their photos from their women in tech #WOCinTech series. Thanks for making these available to everyone to use.

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