The future of... Artificial Intelligence

 TechHub @ Campus Warsaw
Ząbkowska 27/31 03-736 Warszawa

 22 February 2017
From 18:30 To 20:30

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"The future of..." is a series of events hosted in TechHub locations around the world.

We're discussing the future of the hottest trends and products, like IoT, drones and 3D printing. This time... let's talk about something that may be the last invention in the human history: Artificial Intelligence.


You'll listen to 4 speeches given by 4 different experts. Their perspectives are very different - we want to hear both by big companies and start-ups that use AI in their products. Then, there will be discussion part to give you a chance to ask some questions!


Przemysław Chojecki - PhD in mathematics and research fellow at the University of Oxford, currently working at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. His interests include NLP, text mining, logical inference and mathematical aspects of machine learning. He collaborates with companies and start-ups on using AI in their products. Przemek will give you a brief intro into the most important AI-related terms.

Maciej Remiszewski is a Consultant in the Technology Advantage Practice at the Warsaw BCG office and specializes in advanced analytics and Data Science projects. His background is supercomputing and applying breakthrough technology to advance science, business and society. We will ask Maciej how progress in AI shifts traditional notions of competitive advantage and how businesses (including start-ups) can use AI to take advantage of the specific strengths of man and machine?

Piotr Pietrzak - Chief Technology Officer at IBM Poland & Baltics. Cloud, Architect, Futurist, Tech, Venture, Geek, Storyteller, Speaker. Ginni Rometty, IBM's CEO, has recently said: In the next five years, every important decision, whether it's business or personal, will be made with the assistance of IBM Watson. We're gonna ask Piotr what influence will this prediction have on our lives.

Tomasz Ziętek is a co-founder and CEO of Fornax. He creates added value by implementing Artificial Intelligence in small/big companies and start-ups. Focused on solving real existing problems, believes AI is the biggest revolution in human history. Tomasz will present an overview on the future of AI in healthcare, with a special focus on start-up perspective.

Host: Justyna Politańska, Program Manager @ TechHub Warsaw