#TechHubTuesday Demo Night

 TechHub @ Campus London
4-5 Bonhill Street London EC2A 4BX

 04 April 2017
From 18:30 To 20:30

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TechHub Demo Night isn't about pitching for funds, it's an opportunity to show the community what you're working on, get some feedback, and see what others are toiling away on.

Come along and check out the best tech startups around at our legendary Demo Night - you'll not want to miss the next big thing!

AfterCross is a productivity app that enables users to create a digital business card directly from LinkedIn and exchange across any device, anytime. Not only does it allow the exchange of your contact details, but is also a way of advertising directly your product, service or media at the same time that your information goes straight to where your new contacts need it the most: Gmail/Outlook or the users’ phone agenda. While a business card only represents a simple exchange, an easier LinkedIn or Twitter on-the-spot connection creates long-term relationships.

GoSweat is changing how people view sport. They want to make finding doing sport as easy as possible, whilst promoting how sport should be fun, not a chore. By creating an exciting site and app where users can search, find and book every sporting offering possible, GoSweat aims to become the Home of Sport. This will include listing gyms, yoga, pilates, pitches, courts, PTs, clubs, teams and anything else we can get our hands on. By bringing all of this information together, users can find their perfect sweat.

Sportplan - the world's largest online coaching content provider, presents "teamo" an app that gives sports teams and clubs their own personalised-app. Customized in-app branding, fixtures, availability, team selection, plus instant message with photo sharing and video streaming. Removing the confusion of teams communicating across email and multiple social channels. We will eventually remove the need for an amateur club to have any IT expenditure by offering payment processing, managed websites and broadcast email. Launching to 250,000+ Sportplan leads, once we have optimized our onboarding process we will invest in advertising. Hybrid, mobile-first, offline ready!

Parkbee makes private car parks accessible to the public. Making the parking experience seamless and more affordable.

Rank is a social mobile game where every person is a competition to be won. The aim? Get yourself to the top of your friends’ leagues. Users add just their closest 25 friends to their league, and they join their friends’ leagues to start battling their way on them to get higher. Do you want to get to the top? Just call for a vote on that list for you to move to a higher rank, giving the 25 people on that league a convincing reason for them to vote Yes. And the higher you are on your friends’ lists, the higher your score will be.

Jobshape is helping companies hire smarter by helping them predict how candidates' personality matches up to the role and team. Jobshape is a simple, intuitive tool that lets anyone use scientific psychometrics to make better hiring decisions. Hiring is too expensive and important to get wrong so take the guesswork out of candidate selection with a friendly, data-driven approach.

Wine Picker, an exciting wine pairing service which helps people select the right wine in a restaurant. The app is billed as a “pocket sommelier” will help diners around the United States and the United Kingdom choose the perfect wine from a restaurant's wine list to go with their meals based on the individual's taste preferences and price considerations. The Wine Picker app is available for Apple and Android users.

Wemonty is your personal care assistant, it ingeniously knows what you need every month and delivers it to your doorstep. Monty knows and learns your monthly personal care needs, recommends the brands and products you love, it magically generates a list of personal care products, called bundle, and creates the order for you.

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