#TechHubTuesday Demo Night

 TechHub @ Campus London
4-5 Bonhill Street London EC2A 4BX

 07 March 2017
From 18:30 To 20:30

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TechHub Demo Night isn't about pitching for funds, it's an opportunity to show the community what you're working on, get some feedback, and see what others are toiling away on.

Come along and check out the best tech startups around at our legendary Demo Night - you'll not want to miss the next big thing!

Streats is a new app helping you discover delicious street food in London! Whether you fancy a classic pad thai, a wood fire pizza or a slow cooked pork baguette, Streats is on hand to help you find the best street food near you. You can find locations, opening hours and descriptions of over 120 street food stalls across London! Save your favourite stalls or markets so you can easily access them next time.

Seedlegals SeedLegals replaces your lawyer with software - the first robo-legal platform to manage startup funding rounds. SeedLegals enables founders and investors to prepare for, manage, negotiate and complete a fundraise online, day or night, completely unassisted.

OnDMARC is a cyber security SaaS that specialises in blocking third parties from sending fraudulent emails from an organisation’s domain. It’s very easy for hackers to send emails that impersonate someone from an unprotected organisation, for this reason most cyber attacks start with a phishing email. As a response, the DMARC protocol was created to provide email authentication. Our product, OnDMARC, helps configure the DMARC protocol in an easy and fast way, providing users with step by step actions.

Collapsed tracks and analyze failed startups so other entrepreneurs can learn from their mistakes. It was started as a side project by Aaron Kazah and quickly gained some popularity on sites such as Producthunt, Reddit & was featured on Wired. The ultimate goal for Collapsed is to eventually become an online community for startups & entrepreneurs

Bitmate is the best way to kick start your next coding project. BitMate aims to make building mobile and web applications quicker and easier by automating project creation and the development of common application functions. We allow developers to focus on writing the code that is truly unique to their applications, not reinventing the wheel, increasing the speed and reducing the cost of application development in the process.

Ukey1 is a new easy-to-use universal key for the web. Ukey1's mission is to enhance security of websites by offering unified secure solution to login that helps webmasters to save development time, improves user experience, customer acquisition and website security in one go. Improve your website with Ukey1. It's free.

PoochPlay is a complete dog wellbeing management app available with an option to track your dog's activity with a wearable tracker. PoochPlay app tracks your dog’s physical activity (even without a tracker!). Based on your dog’s age, weight, conditions, activity levels and the brand of food it already eats, PoochPlay recommends how much food they need every day helping you manage your dog’s weight. It learns and notifies you about your dog’s daily, periodic, vaccination and de-worming schedules.

RentersUnion is a chatbot that provides housing advice for Londoners. It’s a (free) service that helps people who need help with housing situations, but can’t afford a lawyer. The chatbot does two things: 1) it reads your tenancy agreement and summaries your rights; and 2) it writes letters to your landlord/energy provider to get your issue resolved.

If you'd like to apply to showcase your product and present at Demo Night then sign up HERE