Startup Funeral

 TechHub @ Campus Warsaw
Ząbkowska 27/31 03-736 Warszawa

 11 April 2017
From 18:30 To 20:30

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Dearly beloved, IT'S BACK!

Join us for the Startup Funeral... where we will gather to pay our respects to failed startups.

TechHub is really keen to engage with the culture of failing fast and learning from mistakes.

Startups will often have a booming launch party, spend forever finding a cofounder and if they're lucky, get acquired by larger companies... but this not the only exit strategy. They sometimes (ok, to tell the truth - statistically quite often) fail. Teams split up, customers don't show up, investors pull back.

3 great people want to share with you how and why they failed. Don't miss this opportunity.

Piotr Ziętara is now a CEO of a successful startup, Pepe Housing. But things didn't go so well all the time.

It seemed to me that everyone around was launching IT based companies. Mobile apps was the hot topic, and I wanted have my own billion $ worth phone application. A couple of brain storming sessions, quick search for co-founders, good energy and we were ready to initiate the project. Unfortunately, the passion and months of programming did not guarantee the success. The mobile app for international students failed as a project after almost 2 years of development.

The story will be about:

  • complex business models, which sucks
  • importance of paying customers from day 1.

Patrycja Jakubiuk is now Business Developer and Consultant.

A few years ago I co-founded something based on a great passion for sport and some very optimistic prognosis on the fitness market. Me and my business partner shared the same values: healthy lifestyle and a frustration of a life being defined by working in a corporation. We opened a medium-sized fitness club for women. We had plans to grow it basing on a franchise model.

This will be a story about:

  • Verifying the myth of creating the business based on your passion
  • The trap of transferring business models from Western Europe directly to the Polish market. *

Piotr Woźniak currently works as Risk Manager in one of the fastest developing startups at TechHub, Kredyt Market.

2 years ago, I left corporate company I have spent over 10 years. Meanwhile my wife, was exhausted working for finance institution. We decided to establish small family company. Company based on my wife’s passion for sewing.We spent over 1 year to prepare run our business and we thought we were prepare to do it. But we were simply wrong. We assumed many things which did not happen. And many things which we did not assume had happened.