#TechHubTuesday Demo Night

 TechHub @ Campus
4-5 Bonhill Street London EC2A 4BX

 03 February 2015
From 18:30 To 21:00

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TechHub Demo Night isn't about pitching for funds, it's an opportunity to show the community what you're working on, get some feedback, and see what others are toiling away on.

Come along and check out the best tech startups around at our legendary Demo Night - you'll not want to miss the next big thing!

PlayBrush Logo

Playbrush is a London-based tech startup making brushing teeth fun. We are developing a smart hardware gadget, which transforms conventional toothbrushes into gaming controllers - so kids & young-at-hearts can play fun & instructional mobile games while brushing.


If you think something is amiss with your diet, Hemavault will analyse your blood and offer nutritional advice based on a range of biomarkers. Conduct tests regularly at home from just a few drops, post your samples back to the lab, then view your results and personalised analysis online a few days later.

PlusGuidence Logo

PlusGuidance.com is an online counselling platform that provides people with immediate confidential access to counsellors and therapists from all over the world, via video call, voice call and instant messaging; securely and anonymously.


LyteSpark is a fast, flexible video conferencing and event platform that’s easier to use and better quality than Skype or GoToMeeting, with no downloads or complicated signups. We provide virtual equivalents of things you already do: meetings, team working, company presentations, and client calls. Our aim is to make virtual collaboration as natural and efficient as talking to the person next to you.

People Power App Logo

We spend more time engaged with social media than any other channel. People Power App seeks to use the rich data we naturally generate in our social worlds to help companies identify people who culturally fit their organisations, and help individuals better understand themselves.

IceCream Logo

IceCream is a new camera app that never runs out of space. It makes it easier to organise, protect and share your photos through a simpler user interface and automated high-resolution backups.

Ethos Logo

Revitalising the High Street. Following funding from Innovate UK we have developed a demo system that allow small "bricks and mortar" retailers to advertise to local people and also to offer incentives such as discounted parking and bus travel to attract people back to the high street. The app addresses the challenges that physical based business are facing from online stores through a new service that creates new value between the citizen, the city and business.

Wriggle Logo

Wriggle looks towards bringing conferences and exhibitions to the twenty first century. It aims to shatter the fishbowls full of business cards and burn their contents to ashes. The basic idea is using a cheap, disposable wearable. With it, we will transform the way people interact during conferences and exhibitions & enable organisers to better understand their clients

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