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Team structure and Evolutionary architecture

February 5, 2020 @ 6:45 pm - 9:00 pm UTC+0

Join Software Crafters for a meetup about the Inverse Conway Maneuver, a demo focused on REST API and service layered architecture. RSVP here to save your front row spot on February 5, starting at 18:45!


About the event

“Any organization that designs a system (defined more broadly here than just information systems) will inevitably produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization’s communication structure” –  Conway’s law (Melvin Conway,1968).

Eric S Raymond paraphrased the initial paper in The New Hacker’s Dictionary: “If you have four groups working on a compiler, you’ll get a 4-pass compiler.”

This observation has been confirmed by many subsequent observations and studies.

If you think about your own experiences chances are you’ve seen the effects of Conway’s law in the systems you worked with.

Conway’s Law counterpoint, known as the Inverse Conway Maneuver, involves re-engineering the structure of an organization based on a desired software design.

In this presentation there will be some examples of Inverse Conway Maneuver used in real life dealing with legacy code, splitting a monolith and increasing the ownership in software development teams.

In the second part of the event, it will a demo focused on REST API and service layered architecture.

The presentation covers
– Design decisions for scalability and constraints
– separation of different layers in an architecture


Event agenda

  • 18:45-19:00 Welcome and short intro
  • 19:00-19:45 “Inverse Conway Maneuver in Real Life” with Laurentiu Matei
  • 19:45-20:15 “Service mesh design pattern and microservices” with Cezar Socoteanu
  • 20:15-21:00 Drinks & Snacks


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