Why TechHub?

Making a difference to tech startups around the world wouldn’t be possible without our amazing team.

TechHubbers represent a dozen different nationalities and are smart, fun, friendly and all-round awesome. So awesome, in fact, that our member startups often tell us they want to recreate our culture within their own companies (true story!) – here’s why:


You’re a valued member of a vibrant global community. You’ll get to support entrepreneurs and startups on a daily basis, helping them learn, build products, create jobs, grow companies, and see them develop and succeed.


You’ll work in a diverse team of friendly and supportive colleagues who have each other’s backs. We don’t believe in cliques, micromanagement, or being authoritarian but do take our team bonding activities pretty seriously


TechHubs are centrally-located, well-linked to transport and within areas that put “life” in work-life balance. We’re baby-friendly, dog-friendly and hold a firm belief in the power of free snacks and weekly community breakfasts.


From working with the most talented tech entrepreneurs, to accessing hundreds of free events a year, and sharpening your skills on internal projects, we offer excellent opportunities for you to network, learn and grow.

We’re Hiring!


We don’t have any open vacancies at the moment, but feel free to email your CV and cover letter to jobs@techhub.com and we’ll get in touch if a suitable role opens up.


We don’t have any open vacancies at the moment, but feel free to email your CV and cover letter to jobs.bucharest@techhub.com and we’ll get in touch if a suitable role opens up.


We don’t have any open vacancies at the moment, but feel free to email your CV and cover letter to jobs@techhub.com and we’ll get in touch if a suitable role opens up.

Interested in startup roles at TechHub’s member companies? Visit our member job board.

TechHub Values

Live and
breathe startups

We work for something bigger than ourselves. We’re helpful, committed and go the extra mile for our team and members because we care deeply about the impact we have on the startup community.


To us, professionalism isn’t a mask you put on. It’s being yourself, surrounded by people who bring out your best self, showing your personality and sense of humour, and being open and accepting of others.

Solve, fix,
learn, repeat

We don’t only identify problems, we fix them, no matter their size or complexity. We speak the language of solutions, improvements and action, anticipating problems before they arise and learning from them when they do.

Be independent, work collaboratively

Our teams are small, but our responsibilities are sizable. We perform equally well as individuals and as a unit by balancing autonomy with teamwork – one won’t work without the other!

Organize and

The startup environment is awesomely fast-paced. To succeed in it, we manage our time and workload well to ensure everything gets done, and are great at balancing multiple goals and responsibilities.

Be a proud
process geek

While we’re great at jumping in and doing things last-minute when necessary (startup life!), we skilfully create reliable processes to ensure nothing is forgotten and our work flows smoothly and efficiently.

Learn proactively,
grow ambitiously

We’re always thinking about the next step and how we can be better, faster. Settling for the status quo is not our thing, embracing change and continuously striving for excellence is.

Act with respect
and empathy

Startup life has its good days and its stressful days. We are firm believers in being consistently respectful, non-judgemental and fair to those around us, whatever the circumstance.

TechHub Life


Baby Oliver runs a tight ship – our finance team is the most serious team of all.


TechHub Bangalore really “lights up” during Diwali.


“All work and no play,” said no-one ever.


We don’t always make flower-shaped balloons but when we do… they’re colour co-ordinated and delivered with smiles.


The only way to start your day is with a breakfast of champions: coffee, cake and great company.


We celebrate our fellow TechHubbers (even those that haven’t been born yet) with copious amounts of homemade food.


In TechHub world, yellow is the new black and weird is the new normal.


Sometimes we like to remind our members of the TechHub community mantras.


When in doubt – don’t worry, take selfie.


Many workspaces have “watercooler moments.” “TechHub moments” happen everywhere (and often around pastries).


What happens at TechHub… stays on TechHub social media.


Classic tech community: remote meetings, a.k.a. “I’m there in spirit!”


Startup BBQ’s are a great time to “grill” your TechHub peers about their technology.


If you’ve got an army of 3D mascots guarding your community, you’re doing it right.


We don’t enforce a festive dress code. Our members adhere to it voluntarily.
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