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Events @ TechHub
12:00, TechHub Riga
Curious about solving social and environmental challenges with business? Come and learn why social entrepreneurship is a powerful tool for creating a positive change and meet the budding entrepreneurs from the SOCIFACTION social business accelerator program!

#TechHubTuesday Demo Night

18:30, TechHub Bangalore

#TechHubTuesday Demo Night

18:30, TechHub @ Campus Madrid
Life at TechHub
I enjoy working at TechHub as you can choose how and where you work, plus there's a buzz of quiet activity which keeps you going all day. When you want a break there's plenty going on inside and outside the building. People are all willing to give advice and help and there's plenty of opportunity to have an after work beer.
Roland White from Ginger Guru
some of our members
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11 Jun 2015 12:54

We're super excited to announce that TechHub London, our new location, opens in Ropemaker Street on 22nd June!

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21 Jul 2015 14:58

Fundraising is a crucial part of the startup life. Eldars Loginovs, CEO and Co-Founder at Fabula, came over to our meetup to share some insight details of his startup journey and the recent investment round of €470k. Giving out valuable tips, he compared startups to unpredictable weather conditions that change and hence teaches you to be also aware of the good, bad and crazy times of fundraising.

13 Jul 2015 20:10

Kickstart something amazing! We're running a Kickstarter campaign in Boston! Why? Well, we want to raise awareness, get feedback and raise some funds to launch the first wave of our community program.

11 Jul 2015 13:52

Nikola Tesla, what an awesome individual (and I use the word with its original meaning). He's meant more to all of us than most of us will ever know and helped shape so many things we take for granted today. A genius, geek and consummate weirdo. Happy 159th birthday. No-one quite celebrates him like The Oatmeal...