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CoinScrum: Launchpad - Intermediate

This event has already taken place

Cryptocurrency talks and networking with local knowledge leaders CoinScrum!

CoinScrum {Launchpad} in partnership with BankToTheFuture.comĀ­ Seedcoin & TechHub

We're pleased to announce the line up for our first event specifically aimed at providing business networking opportunities and start-up advice, CoinScrum {Launchpad}
In partnership with TechHub, & Seedcoin

For these events, the presentations will generally focus on more advanced topics than those at {Bootcamp}, something that will hopefully be of use to those that are taking their first steps towards starting their crypto-currency based businesses.

Updates on the legal and regulatory environment in the UK will feature every time and we'll give attendees the chance to pick the brains of our resident legal advisers.

And if you have your business plans drawn up and ready to go, our sponsors from and Seedcoin will be on hand to to take you through the various options for getting your hands on some of that all important funding and advise you on the best ways of taking advantage of the various tax incentives available to you here in the UK.

We'll also let you grab the mic for our Shout Out sessions where you can let everyone know what you;re up to or beg for partners to help you fulfil your vision.

We'll update you soon with more details, but presenting on the night will be:

Stephan Tual
Stephan will talk you through some of the latest technological innovations in the crypto space and how these may or may not affect Bitcoin itself. You can read some of Stephan's latest musings here -

Eitan Jankelewitz & Adam Vaziri
Eitan & Adam will fill you in on the latest news regarding the legal and regulatory environment in the UK and talk about what start-ups need to consider to navigate safely through to launch and beyond.

Hakim Mamoni (Seedcoin) & Simon Dixon (
Hakim and Simon will talk to you about what each of their companies can do to help you get you crypto-currency based businesses off the ground.

Shout Outs
Open mic for anyone to advertise their products or services or to look for business partners in less than 60 seconds.

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Venue: TechHub @ Campus

Time: 20 Feb 2014 18:30 GMT - 21:30 GMT