Lessons learned from TechHub Riga meetup: you make your success

It was not that long ago when AirDog was announced as the most crowdfunded Latvian startup on Kickstarter ever. The news about them did spread fast anyway. Yet, their tech factor, leading to a winning strike, was still a bit mysterious, and we at TechHub Riga were eager to fill the gap. We invited AirDog’s team to our August meetup so they could reveal their story. What’s the lesson that stuck in mind and showcased their tech factor? You make your own success.


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Lessons from TechHub Riga Meetup: know the rules of the game

‘Going global’ means keeping an eye on markets all around the world. To follow this pattern, we built our meetup, taking place last Thursday, around the Eastern side of the map and invited Arturs Bernovskis, co-founder of Mailigen, to reveal the most interesting characteristics of the Asian market. Our learned lesson, in the end, would seem obvious, yet we decided to put it as another great remainder to all startups – know the rules of the game.